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Alliance: HotS- Character Animations

Series of animations created for Rumble Entertainment's Alliance: Heroes of the Spire game:

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This is a reel showing off fight specific animations. These characters can all be seen in their own vignettes in this playlist.

This is the Magitech Bard! It's a very obvious take from Fury Road. And since I love Fury road, this was an absolute blast to work on. \m/

This is the Minstrel! She's a happy-go-lucky bard who never stops moving to the beat in her head. Basically a disney character, and a huge contrast to most other Alliance characters in the game.

This is the Undead Hydra Dragon! I was allowed to pretty much have agency over this guy, so I really pushed to give each head it's own personality. After all, thats one of the most fun things to do with a character like this!

This is the Fembot! One of my favorites. Heavy Darkstalker fighting game influences.

This is the Ancient Machine, it draws heavily from old style strange anime from the 80s with those rotating faces.
Getting a strong sense of weight was key with this character. It's meant to look almost totally stoic until it suddenly goes after you.

This is the Earthsinger, a character much different from the rest, and one that does not really move from her spot.

Unlike most of the bombastic characters, she is more gentle and her attacks are more wispy.

Here we have a a Pistoleer. One of the starting characters you get to pick from.

As I am a big fan of Dante from Devil May Cry, this was pretty fun to do. Might be some other references too..

This is the Mech Boss

He's animated in 3 pieces, with each acting independently from the other.

A fun character! Knocked out in about 2-3 days.

This is the Ferret Mech
It's possible the studio has some Rick and Morty fans.

This guy is basically two whole characters in one package! So i did some zooms to show both.

This guy was a blast.

Music by my buddy and master composer: Vince DiCola

This is the Elemental. He was described to me to me as "A ball of rage". And then off I went.

Rage ball.

Music by my buddy and master composer: Frank Klepacki

This is the Hammerfist! He's a rock'em sock'em robot ready to box his way to victory.

The design allowed for some really fun secondary motion to bring him to life!

This is the Pumpkin Knight. A special Halloween event character. Detachable heads are always fun

This is the Gargoyle. A relatively straight forward character, but still fun to try and capture his power.

This is the Cthulu monster. Tentacles everywhere!

This is the Enlightened Monk.
He floats gently like a leaf on the wind, but strikes suddenly like a crack of lightning.

This is the Dreadbringer. She's a cold blooded killer. Pretty much death incarnate. Only moves when she needs to. And that move.. will kill you.

Music by my good friend Erik Peabody.
Sharp ears will note this is a cover. Thats correct! He covers Castleva

Here we have a Ringtail Panda.
And definitely not Rocket Raccoon.Who I've already done before, which may or may not have made this fairly easy to approach, but still pretty fun.


I mean....Definitely not Rocket! What? Never!