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Soundfall Animation Showcase: Heroes

Animations created for the Indie game Soundfall:
Available on all platforms!

I was the single 3d Animator for the game.

Soundfall is a Rhythm beat driven experience, animated at 120BPM, which means the beats land on frame 0, 7, 15, 22 , 30, etc. The game detects the BPM of a song and will slow or speed up animations based on this. Please note this video does not *perfectly* sync with the animations. I am not rendering these from the game directly, and the music chosen is not *exactly* 120BPM. But in game, the code will automatically adjust.

This showcase will features the main hero animations for the game. I will add to it over time.

For Locomotion:
Individual Forward and Backward ones were created to give the game movement more character, and those blend to shared L/R and diagonal run cycles across all characters.

Different weapon stances were something I pushed to have, because the concept art was all so amazing, it would be a shame to let the player just "imagine" these varied weapons. Initially they would have only been represented as icons, but with all using the default assault rifle stance. The weapon stances were created by altering the upper body pose, but keeping the lower body unchanged from the assault rifle, and using blending in Unreal Engine.


Credit to the following:
Nate Horsfall-

Nicholas Kole- Character Concepts:

Adam Tazi- Character Concept and and Header Splash art:

Gab Schwall- Character Modeling:

Tyler Palladino- Character Modeling:

Christian Santori- Character Rigging:

Nick Cooper- Game Design and Implementation

Ethan Martin- Fly Fly Fly

First of many videos to come on what I did on @SoundfallGame !

This features Hero Locomotion. It uses a combination of shared animations and unique ones to keep as much character as possible.