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Shrek 3: Game Cinematics

I was one of the animators for cinematics done by Cinematico.

The shots are broken up between standard character animation and fake 3d puppets.

I was tasked with proving the puppet concept and setting a standard for the other animators on the team to follow. There are no simulations, and everything is hand keyed. These were meant to feel like a rickety presentation being done by people who really didn't know what they were doing. They purposely make a lot of mistakes and the sets fall apart in accidental ways. It was actually a total blast to work on!

For this shot, I was mostly a character animator, but also worked on camera movement.

The jankiness starts creeping in here with puppets colliding with the BG and other characters

This scene gets really chaotic, with multiple princesses doing other things, I wanted it to feel like there was a major failure of communication between the puppeteers

This is near the end of the show and I wanted to communicate the puppeteers has really fallen apart. They miss a HUGE cue due to infighting. So how do they make up for it? In the silliest way possible.

For this shot, I was mostly a character animator, and did only Capt. Hook and Pinocchio.